Why Emails Matter

We’ve heard it before and we hear it all the time – “I get so many emails I don’t know what to do with them”. We understand, but welcome to 2018! Who doesn’t get too many emails? Unfortunately, that’s no excuse not to return those emails or organize them properly. In today’s world, most relationships survive and thrive based on email communications. People are too busy to meet in person and forget even trying organize a phone call!

We always prefer in-person or a phone call over sending emails, but the reality is that many businesses run on just emails alone. Our job at Migliaro Consulting & Event Specialists is to help our clients manage those emails and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks as they grow their relationships and business. We know that sustaining relationships is the best source of marketing and we aim to make sure that happens on a regular basis.

Next time you feel overwhelmed, consider taking a few extra steps at the beginning of your week to get organized with your inbox.

  • Create a “priority” folder and make it a habit of starting & ending each day OR work-week by checking those emails.
  • Set reminders for yourself so you know when you need to send a follow-up email OR nudge someone to return your last communication.
  • Create a few generic email templates that you can easily customize, cut & paste to send a quick response to someone.

Relationships matter and emails matter. The next time you become overwhelmed with your inbox, consider these easy tools to help get you back on track.