About Us

Migliaro Consulting & Event Specialists creates, builds, and maintains long-lasting relationships that result in positive change and outcomes for our clients. Through the power of networking and sustaining true relationships, we are able to help our clients succeed and grow to their full potential. We strive to sustain growth, wellness, and happiness for our employees, clients, and partners.

Our Philosophy

We believe there is great value in the relationships that we create. This holds true not just with our clients, but with the partners that we work with in the community. We have seen that over time, those long-lasting relationships build a level of trust that helps to propel us forward in our business and networking. Our philosophy continues to hold true that building and maintaining meaningful relationships is the most successful way of marketing and opportunity for growth & development.

Our Team

Melissa brings over 14 years of a diverse background that has prepared her to serve as a resourceful independent consultant in the Pittsburgh area. She combines her previous experience in social work, marketing, and community outreach with previous skills as Founder and CEO of Metamorphosis, her own Wellness Company, to serve a wide range of people and communities.

As a self-starter and entrepreneur, Melissa prides herself on her ability to form long-standing relationships to help connect people with the resources and other people to advance their personal and business goals. She has the ability to provide quick turn-around results for her clients and brings a refreshing and charismatic energy to her audience.

As an avid runner in the Pittsburgh area, Melissa also enjoys cross training with weightlifting, swimming and biking. She also surrounds herself with other health and wellness experts in the area and strives each day to learn something new. She credits her diverse background as being the reason she is able to provide helpful advice to her clients and reach a wide population.

Our Partners