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Taking care of the Brain – Mental Health workshops making an appearance in the workplace

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COVID-19 brought many challenges to individuals, families, and corporate America in the past few months. Along with the worry about the unknown of the virus itself, people have also found themselves worrying about a host of other things. From job security to personal finances, it’s all taking a toll on mental health. We know that having a healthy outlook and positive attitude is just as important as a healthy diet, but what are we doing to make sure that our employees’ mental health is taken care of?

Recently, we launched a Mental Health workshop for one of our corporate clients here in Pittsburgh. The HR team took a close look at their employees and understood the importance of having them return to work in a healthy mental capacity. Migliaro Consulting took the specific topic requests from the company and created a customized mental health workshop for their employees. Our partnership with local and national experts allows us to bring the best information out there to our clients. We know that each employee comes to the workshop with their own individual needs, so we have a broad, but detailed workshop built that will leave the employees educated and empowered to obtain optimal mental health.

If you’re looking for a customized workshop for your company, please consider giving us a call to get the conversation started. We are here for you and your entire team.

Workplace Wellness Outside the Workplace

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Does your company have an existing workplace wellness program? What does it look like? Wellness days, biometric screenings, lunch & learn workshops? Have you ever  considered hosting a workplace wellness event outside the workplace? Yes that’s right, companies are doing this all across the country and it’s yielding positive results.

Consider a previous client of ours that hosted a “Beat the Boss” competition where they participated in a local 5K event and aimed to beat their boss of their particular division. The company paid the registration fee for each employee that wished to participate in the event. Not only did this create some positive workplace morale, but we found that employees were also encouraging their family members to join them on event day. Talk about a trickle effect. We got them moving, thinking healthy and supporting a great cause. Some other ideas to consider for outside the workplace include:

  • Geocaching or Kayaking
  • Volunteer/City Clean-up Day
  • Local Bike Ride or 5K Walk/Run

This idea is easy to orchestrate and we do it all the time. We’ve built relationships with many local organizations so we can make it easy for the you to connect. The next time you are considering a workplace wellness event, consider thinking outside the workplace itself. Give us a call and let us do the work for you!